Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clapton FC Membership

With the advent of the New Year, it has given me a chance to reflect on 2012 as regards Clapton FC and think about what difference, if any, the establishment of the Supporters Group has made on the football club.

Although, as yet, nothing has changed that is so substantive that one can rest easy about the future for Clapton, there have been a number of issues which, if pursued, can bring about change for the better.

The first is that of membership of the club itself.  There is no doubt that the club itself must exist. For example, the liquor licence is in the name of the club.  Also, there are life members of the club, some of whom are also members of the Friends, who are still around, although not involved with the running of Clapton FC.

So the question is :- How does one become a member of the Clapton Football Club?

Some time ago I wrote to the club's Chief Executive, Mr Vincent McBean, asking how I can join the club.  I received neither acknowledgement or reply but am aware that this was discussed at a club meeting.

Just before Xmas 2012 I wrote, as Secretary of the Friends of Clapton FC, to the club's Chairman, Mr John Murray-Smith informing him about the group and how we aim to help the club.  I also asked how one can join Clapton FC.  I am awaiting a reply, hopefully with an application form and will keep this thread going so as to let you, dear reader, know of any progress.

To be part of the club, one must join the club. I am hopeful of being given that opportunity.

A copy of the letter sent to Mr Murray-Smith can be found here

Unfortunately a subsequent attempt to contact the chairman via the email address on the club's official web site was unsuccessful.

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