Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why We Would Like You To Join.

Clapton FC are one of the most famous amateur clubs in English football history. They not only won the FA Amateur Cup on five occasions but are recognised by the Football Association as being the first English club to play on the continent and thus instrumental in the growth of the game.

In addition, Clapton players have represented England at full International level and numerous others have progressed to the professional ranks and performed with distinction.

However, as amateur football became semi-professional and beyond, Clapton's tenure as a prominent club declined. However, they continued to compete in the Isthmian League, a competition that Clapton members were instrumental in founding in 1905. In the 1990s Clapton were sadly demoted to the Essex Senior League, a competition in which they compete today.

Throughout this time Clapton have played at the The Old Spotted Dog Ground in Forest Gate, London and had done so since 1878. This small enclosure, buried among residential housing, had hosted both cricket and football before Clapton became tenants in 1888. Clapton are synonymous with the 'Spotted Dog' and it remains one of the last traditional bastions of football in the East End of London, an area that has lost great football clubs such as Walthamstow Avenue, Leytonstone and Leyton in recent years.

The Clapton players of today represent the club in the great tradition of their predecessors of the yesteryear. Those running the club do their best in difficult circumstances and are fighting to keep this great club alive.

The primary objectives of the Friends of Clapton FC is to help those who run, administer and play for the Tons. These objectives include it's continuance and well-being, the security of tenure at the Old Spotted Dog Ground and to promote Clapton FC's activities in an open and forthright manner so as to re-establish the club in the world of football as well as the local community. This will inlcude the careful consideration of where the club is going and to offer advice, help and support where necessary.

We believe that Clapton FC is a club deserving of support and who's survival is important, not only to the local area, but also to the sport of association football, the development of which, owes much to the Clapton players, officials and supporters of yesteryear.

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